"There is a bright light", 83 min, 2015



The film "There is a bright light" is a mind-expanding saga of events in one unusual theatre school. Love turns things upside down in a Moscow district social center where Mestan, an experienced actor, desperately tries to teach acting a group of people with disabilities.

«The only role of the superstar», 65 min, 2010


production "Marina Razbezhkina's workshop for documentary films"


Susanna is an actress in her sixties. She lives with her mom and only occasionnaly performs on stage with poetic readings. "The only role of the superstar" is the name of a play in which Susanna dreams to perform the main part. The dream is already twenty years old but now Susanna decides that the time has come to act. 

«Denis Davydov Trip», 65 min, 2013



This experimental documentary is inspired by the spellbinding image of the iconic Russian hussar - Denis Davydov, a man of romantic mystery, poet, lady's man, guerilla leader, hero of the Napoleon war of 1812. The viewer is taken on a trip through myth and history into a tiny village in the heart of Russia where Denis Davydov has ended his days and now a celebration of his 228th birthday is taking place. Seeking for the spirit of the past in the present in scenes from heart touching to absurd, swapping between the big feast with its rituals, battles, songs and dances and the small feast inside a family of the "rural intelligentsia" the film reveals the origins of the Dionysian revelry and grants close encounters with the most incredible characters from the Russian life.

«The worlds of Valentina Vasilievna»,

30 min, 2010


Production "Marina Razbezhkina's workshop for documentary films"

The 70 year old Valentina Vasilievna lives in a Moscow bedroom suburb and is a social worker. Her firmness in helping senior and disabled people is supported by faith in Jesus Christ, Joseph Stalin and the Great-Martyr Tzar. Wandering through her worlds will reveal something unbareable intimate and dear for every viewer.